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this is what happens when I dont have a girlfriend...

just finished making a drumstick for Beto. for the last couple of months he mentioned he's been wanting a drumstick like the ones Kay showed me how to make... covered with buckskin. he even said specifically to me that he really wanted one and that he was willing to pay like $40 for it. I figured that since he wants one so bad and he's been doing a lot of cultural work with the canoe and traditional ceremony, I'll just make him one and say it's part of my give-away but he can have it early. I wouldnt want to get paid for doing ceremonial craftwork. it's probably bad enough that I sometimes buy things that I then give as gifts, but I dont want to get paid $ for that type of thing myself.
so it turned out pretty good. I spiraled wire underneath the hide, secured with traditional Indian duct tape. it looks fancier but also gives a better grip. the stick itself is bamboo, so it's virtually unbreakable. it also has long fringe at the end. I hope it will last a long time.
I'm glad I finally got that taken care of.
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