Wabishkay Mashkoday-Bizhiki Inini (white_bison) wrote,
Wabishkay Mashkoday-Bizhiki Inini

14th Indigenous Environmental Network Protecting Mother Earth Conference

Answering Mother Earth’s Call for Healing – Reaffirming Our Roots

July 17-20th, 2008 (next year) NEWE SOGOBE TERRITORIES

Traditional Gathering – Camping Style

Topics to include: Traditional L.A.W.S. (land, air, water, sun); Energy, Global Warming and Climate Change through indigenous teachings; Rescinding the Doctrine of Discovery and Youth & Elders.

So Ho Bee (Southfork Indian Pow-Wow Grounds) Newe Sogobe (Lee, Nevada)

Hosted by the Western Shoshone Defense Project. Sponsored by IEN.

For more information contact IEN at 218-751-4967, ien@igc.org or WSDP at wsdp@igc.org
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