Wabishkay Mashkoday-Bizhiki Inini (white_bison) wrote,
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let's roll...

gettin ready for the Leonard Peltier support event here in Tacoma.
the weather is great... high wind gusts and cold driving rain.

lots of potential for craziness. since the city was defeated in court, their past attempts to stop our events have subsided, but we never know what to expect. they always have some pigs in hiding anyway. it's fun to out the undercover shits in public and watch them flee. I wonder if thats something they are trained to do, or if its some instinctive shame reaction.
when I say "they", I mean both the feds and the city. one of our organizers was once contacted by phone by the Tacoma PD Intelligence Division. seriously.

well, I better go offline and get dressed to confront The Terrorists...
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