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"New Words" Words not found in the dictionary but should be:
Commodify (kah MOD if eye): uncanny ability of Indian women to convert the ingredients of any standard cookbook recipe to commodity ingredients such as powdered milk, powdered eggs and canned meat.

Powwowvow (pow wow vow): the standard pledge of the pow-wow Romeo: "Sure, Baby, I'll meet you at the next pow-wow. You're the only jingle dress dancer for me. Really! Look at this face. Would I lie?"

Moccashoe (Mock ah shoe): contemporary dancer footwear designed by beading the top of tennis shoes or aquasocks instead of making moccasins the old-fashion way.

Skinship (SKIN-ship): the eventual relative connection that all Indian people, discover within 10 minutes of meeting each other.

Vis-a-cheese (VEES ah cheez): mode of exchange in which a block of commodity cheese can purchase other goods or services.

Indinferior (IN din FEER ee your): a manifestation of self-oppression; the practice of Indians looking down on other Indians for either not speaking the language or not being full-blood or not participating in ceremonies or not living in the rez or not wearing braids or not dancing in pow-wows or not having--, etc., etc., etc., blah-blah, blah-blah.

BIease (BEE EYE eez): an affliction within the Bureau of Indian Affairs characterized by the inability to keep track of millions of dollars.

Snaggravated (SNAG ra vayt ed): the annoying feeling one gets upon realizing that last night's snag isn't quite as hot in the light of day.

Triballistic (tribal ISS tik): to become irrational and incoherent upon hearing the latest self-serving, short-sighted and illogical decision made by the local tribal council.

Rezercise (REZ er size): the involuntary health regime of walking everywhere on the rez since your Indian car broke down for good.

Fordrum (FORD drum): the instrument used for singing purposes when a regular drum is not available; usually the dented hood of a one-eyed Ford.

Frybreadth (FRY bredth): a unit a measurement based on the standard size of a piece of auntie's frybread.

AlterNative (alter NAY TIV): an individual who was born and raised in the non-Indian culture but recently "discovered" a "hidden" Indian ancestor so now uses pithy Indian phrases. Assumes a name such as Laughing Rainbow, White Wolf or Dreams of Eagles. Calls all Indian people Brother and Sister and wears genuine Hong Kong beadwork; usually found in the East and West coast region but had documented sightings in other regions as well.

Councilmenopause (cown sil MEN oh paws): a disorder characterized by hot flashes, profuse sweating, impairment of speech and loss of memory; normally occurs only to tribal councilmen when cornered by an angry tribal member or constituent.

Disunderstanding (DISS under stand ing): when white people think that they understand why tribes and individual Indians are the way they are, but attribute any and all behavior to the culture or the race.
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